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Hi there and welcome to the Be a Better Guide Podcast. I’m your host, Kelsey T!

Everyday we’re working to bring together the worlds most successful guides and tourism businesses to share best practices, learn from one another and give travellers memories of a lifetime.

Our Be a Better Guide Podcast episodes are meant to be short, fun and full of practical tips for running a successful tour. I’ll share techniques and insider secrets to creating world-class experiences and delivering above and beyond customer service.

We’ll look at best practices for tour guides, travel businesses, activity operators and destination management companies. Whether you’re a freelance guide, a travel business owner, a tour operator, a travel agent, a lodge, a hotelier or a tour guide trainer, the Be a Better Guide Podcast will offer simple, actionable advice for increasing your bookings and building a successful tourism brand.

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Kelsey Tonner, Creator and Host of the Be a Better Guide Podcast

Episode Guide

Episode 1: What To Do with your Hands while Speaking – Effective Hand Gestures for Tour Guides

Episode 2: How to be a Powerful Speaker – Lessons from Historys Finest Speeches – Tour Leader Tips

Episode 3: How to Be a Better People Person – Tips for Tour Guides

Episode 4: How to be a Funny Tour Guide and How to Give a Funny Tour

Episode 5: How to tell great stories on tour – Story telling advice for guides!

Episode 6: Tips on How to Lead a Tour Outdoors! (i.e. Guiding Outside)

Episode 7: Tour Guide Jobs – How to get a Job as a Tour Guide? – Tips for Getting a Job as a Travel Guide

Episode 8: Can I make up answers as a tour guide? The Answer May Surprise You…

Episode 9: Profile Photo Tips for Tour Guides – The Perfect Profile Shot for Tourism

Episode 10: How to Keep Your Tour Running On Time – Insider Guide Tips

Episode 11: How to Get Your Voice Ready for Tour – Vocal Warm Up Exercises

Episode 12: How to Use Periscope for your Business & Using Periscope to Promote your Tour

Episode 13: How to Handle Cultural Differences as a Tour Guide (i.e. Tips for Intercultural Exchanges on Tour)

Episode 14: How to Avoid Burnout as a Tour Guide. How to keep up your Enthusiasm on Tour

Episode 15 – How to Give Amazing Customer Service Examples and Tips

Episode 16 – When Should I give Refunds on my Tour Refund Policy Help

Episode 17 – How to make your tours more interactive Be a Better Guide insights – Tour Guide Training

Episode 18 – How to use props and visual aids on tour! Make your tour stand out from the rest

Episode 19 – A few things your clients never ask on tour, but secretly want to know

Episode 20 – How to Deal with an Angry Customer – The Tao of Tour Leading

Episode 21 – What Bill Clinton can teach us about being an exceptional tour guide

Episode 22 – One technique that great speakers use that most Tour Guides have never heard of

Episode 23 – Warning Speech Disfluency and how it could be RUINING your tour

Episode 24 – How to get people talking and avoid that awkward pause – Tour Guide Training

Episode 25 – 3 ways you are losing credibility as a Tour leader, before you even open your mouth!

Episode 26 – 4 things tour guides should STOP doing in conversations, right now!

Episode 27 – How to lead a tour in the rain (The Secrets of a Nova Scotian Tour Guide)

Episode 28 – How to deal with late guests as a tour guide Tips from the pros tour guide training

Episode 29 – The 3 jobs you need to know if you want to travel the world and get paid!! Tourism Jobs

Episode 30 – Common Mistakes made on Group Tours – Zipline Tours Gone Wrong (ft South Park)

Episode 31 – Interpretation Tips for Tour Guides – Interpreting Culture, the Environment, History and Heritage